‘Living in a city while looking to purchase there will give you a much better feel for where you would like to end up buying.’ File photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

We are a couple working in Dublin but wish to move out of it and move to Cork in the next 12-18 months or so. We have recently seen a few houses that (...)

The best course of action to take first is to provide proof to the agent of exactly when you notified the landlord of the window becoming cracked due to the builder’s work. Photograph: Getty Images

Q. I have been renting a small house for the last two years, but the lease is now up, and I have found somewhere more convenient to stay. I have been (...)

Reigning champions: last year’s winning team from Savills featured Nessa Keane, Anne Kiernan, Conor Steen and Gerry McCarthy, with Peter Dargan of ‘The Irish Times’ in the middle. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Wednesday, August 31st might mark “game, set and match” for the summer season, but to round it off the 27th Irish Times/Society of Chartered Surveyors(...)