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 February 2016:  a man holds up an iPhone displaying a “No Entry” image as part of a rally in front of an Apple store in New York in support of the company’s privacy policy. Photograph: Justin Lane/EPA

At first, the attack on a Christmas party in San Bernardino, California, in December 2015 seemed like a “conventional” mass shooting – a disgruntled (...)

Students from North Park Elementary School enter Cajon High School to be reunited with their parents after a shooting  in San Bernardino, California on Monday. Photograph: Andrew Cullen/The New York Times

A special education teacher and one of her students were fatally shot by her estranged husband when he opened fire with a high-caliber revolver before(...)

When Tashfeen Malik applied in 2014 for a visa to join her would-be husband in the US she was asked the standard: “Do you seek to engage in terrorist (...)

Tashfeen Malik and her husband Syed Farook: the pair killed 14 people and injured 22 in San Bernardino, California last December. The FBI says it has accessed Farook’s phone with the help of a third party.

The US government’s decision to drop its court fight against Apple over access to the iPhone of San Bernardino gunman Syed Farook has ended a six-week(...)

Apple’s general counsel, Bruce Sewell, will argue Tuesday that creating a tool to unlock the phone would weaken the security of hundreds of millions of Apple devices

Apple and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation will make their cases before a congressional panel on Tuesday regarding a court order to force the te(...)

Apple chief executive Tim Cook: says the FBI, by asking Apple for help to unlock Syed Rizwan Farook’s phone, is trying to ‘build a back door to the iPhone’. Photograph: Richard Drew/AP

In one of the most famous ads of the tech world, a woman bearing a hammer runs through a totalitarian dystopia towards the looming face of Big Brother(...)

 Apple chief executive Tim Cook: Argues that  a move to create a backdoor to iOS would undermine encryption. Photograph: AP Photo/Richard Drew, File

The confrontation between the technology industry and the FBI over encryption has deepened after Apple pledged to fight a court order that it help unb(...)

A minute’s silence in Paris for the victims of the November terror attacks which claimed the lives of 130 people. Photograph:  Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

It was as if the nightmares of New York on 9/11, Madrid in 2004 and London in 2005 had returned with a vengeance. Jihadist attacks opened and closed 2(...)

FBI agents pack up diving gear after searching in the water at Seccombe Lake Park, after last week’s shooting in San Bernardino, California on Thursday. Photograph: Reuters

A week-old investigation into the shooting rampage that left 14 people dead at a holiday party in Southern California turned on Thursday night to a s(...)

 Tashfeen Malik (left) and Syed Farook,  the  husband and wife  who  died in a fierce gun battle with authorities several hours after their   assault on a gathering of Farook’s colleagues  in  San Bernardino. Photographs: FBI/ AP/File

Revelations that the San Bernardino attackers were radicalised years earlier, before Islamic State was created and before they met, has raised questi(...)

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