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Standing the heat: young chefs work long hours in demanding conditions. Photograph: E+/Getty

Roisin Gillen had a heartstopping moment in a kitchen in Chicago this summer when she bumped into a waiter who was carrying a tray of tiny fine china (...)

Rachel Khoo: ‘When I decided to write a Swedish cookbook, I asked myself what would make my book different from those that were already out there. It’s my personal story, my approach to food.’

Rachel Khoo is perhaps most often thought of as the pretty young English girl on the BBC 2 food show, filmed shopping at picturesque French food marke(...)

Magnus Nilsson: “We’ve succeeded in figuring out how to maintain precision and very low tolerance for failure but still in a humane way”

Magnus Nilsson doesn’t have a life-changing message to deliver at this year’s Food on the Edge in Galway. Not yet anyway. When we speak, he hasn’t fig(...)

Magnus Nilsson of Faviken in Sweden headlines the third annual Food On The Edge symposium, which was launched internationally in London today

Dan Mulhall, the Irish Ambassador to the UK, was among the speakers at the international launch of Food On The Edge, the annual food symposium and gat(...)

Sean Kelly has developed a unique method for ageing sirloin steaks for 56 days. Photograph by David Ruffles

Almost five years ago, at the international chefs’ conference Madrid Fusión, Magnus Nilsson of Fäviken, a 12-seat restaurant in remote northern Sweden(...)

Whether it’s a lamb or a lobster, everything must cease living to ensure our continued survival as a species

Food is always a matter of life and death. For most of our lives we don’t ever have to think about this. We eat three or four times a day without thin(...)

You’re probably familiar with the slow-living bible Kinfolk (, and the engagingly brash style of Lucky Peach magazine (, b(...)

MEATY COMPETITION Who produces the best steaks – Ireland, the US, Spain, Hungary or Australia? The Butcher Grill is putting them all to the test in(...)

Alain Ducasse (right),  with sous chef Romain Meder at the Plaza Athénée, is one of 37 top chefs swapping their restaurant for a mystery one where they will cook dinner tomorrow evening. Photograph: Pierre Monette

Alain Ducasse won’t be cooking in the rarified crystal and silverware surroundings of his restaurant at the Plaza Athénée in Paris tomorrow. You could(...)

Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana in Modena is one of six chefs filmed in their restaurant kitchens for a new docu-series made by David Gelb, who also made Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Chefs’ kitchens aren’t places the public usually gets access to, though the trend for “open kitchens”, where at least some of the prep and cooking (...)