Maeve Hurley

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Dr Maeve Hurley, chief executive and co-founder of Ag Éisteach, speaking at the launch of its Able Training Programme for front-line workers. Photograph: Darragh Kane

We all know people who make us feel better about ourselves and more optimistic about life. Conversely there are others we encounter who leave us stres(...)

Illustrator and writer of children’s picture books Yasmeen Ismail. Photograph: Olivia Hemingway
Reading between the lies

‘The zoo is closed today,” we say to deflect demands for a visit. “That cat is just sleeping,” we explain when passing a feline road casualty. “The el(...)

Rachel Lane (left) with her daughter, Juliet (2), and Marie Dunne, organisers of the Babytalk Festival, to be held at the O’Reilly Hall, UCD. Photograph: Eric Luke

Over-thinking every step of the parenthood journey – from trying to conceive to raising the child – is hard to avoid when you are deluged with well-me(...)