Nikola Tesla: developed Faraday’s  induction invention

I detest power cords and cables for my various smart devices and domestic appliances. Why is it that almost every device seems to require a different (...)

Phar Lap’s hide was preserved by a taxidermist and is now exhibited in the Melbourne Museum

It seems I owe New Zealand an apology for suggesting here last week (An Irishman’s Diary, October 31st) that the great 1920s racehorse Phar Lap was “A(...)

Ireland’s Katie Taylor was due to have her third professional fight in New York on St Patrick’s weekend. Photograph: Ryan Byrne/Inpho

Katie Taylor is set to become part of an historic boxing event in Wembley Stadium on April 29th. The Irish world amateur and Olympic champion, who tu(...)

LCD Soundsystem’s grand finale performance in Madison Square Garden (April 2011) is the farewell that keeps on giving. We’ve already had the Shut U(...)

Marcus Lambkin is back in the building. In 2010, the Dubliner who is based in Germany and who comes with impeccable New York credentials and co(...)

Good Cake, Bad Cake

Club,Sugar Club, Dublin (from Wed); Factory, Dublin (from Thurs), 70 min There are shades of Dig! (...)