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Nadine Gannon (right) and Alice Woods, joined House the Irish First protest group in Mulhuddart, Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

A group of protesters calling itself “House the Irish First” has staged a three-week picket that has halted building work on 65 social homes in west D(...)

An AA spokesman said: ‘If you have a second car in the household advising of this can help lower your quote.’ Photograph: Reuters

We recently got an interesting sequence of mails from Cork-based reader Piaras Mac Éinrí. “My AA annual quote has just arrived,” the first mail start(...)

Laya Healthcare  has no travel insurance policies which would offer a safety net to pregnant women once they hit the 26-week mark. Photograph: iStock

“I have travel insurance with Laya,” starts a mail from a reader called Niamh from Meath. She has an annual MultiTrip policy which cost €65.40 and she(...)

The Common Travel Area is based on a collection of legal provisions rather than on an international treaty or concrete agreement. Photograph: Oli Scarff/Getty Images

During the Spanish Civil War, sympathetic guides took volunteers wishing to fight for the republic over mountain passes from France, which only goats (...)

Paris attacks: An atrocity in a familiar place in a neighbouring country is always going to hit home in a way that will not be the case for a more remote place.  Photograph: Adrien Morlent/AFP/Getty Images

After the atrocities in Paris, a lot of people are rushing to their keyboards. Some are understandably expressing empathy and solidarity with those wh(...)

     On the wing: Those who were in their mid-20s when they emigrated in 2009 and 2010 may be heading into their 30s now, and facing decisions about whether to buy a home, take that next career step or have children. Photograph: Stephen Strathdee/E+/Getty

This article forms part of a new Returning to Ireland guide by The Irish Times, with information on jobs, housing, health and education, and advice(...)

‘On Leaving’: Linda DePaor and Philip Duggan with their son Luca

In February 2010 I invited people about to emigrate from Dublin for financial reasons to join me to make a portrait. I wanted to photograph them in a (...)

Our reader feels he has been treated unfairly by AA. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

  Annoyed about insurance charges Tom Martyn has a Mazda MX-5, which he uses only occasionally. “I had it insured with Setanta Insuran(...)