Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro. Photograph: Sergio Lima/AFP via Getty

Brazil’s Congress has rejected a proposed change to the country’s voting system without which far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro has threatened not to re(...)

During the broadcast, Jair  Bolsonaro contradicted his previous statements and admitted it was impossible to prove whether or not fraud had occurred in previous elections. Photograph: Evaristo Sa/AFP/Getty

President Jair Bolsonaro has unleashed his strongest attack yet against Brazil’s electoral system in a bizarre live broadcast that has reignited fears(...)

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro  arrives on horseback at a demonstration by farmers calling for the end of Covid-19 restrictions  in Brasilia.  “Either we have clean elections in Brazil or we won’t have elections.”  Photograph: Evaristo Sa/AFP/Getty

A president complaining about fraud in an election he won? Threatening not to recognise the result of the next vote? And refusing to commit to a peac(...)