‘Philosophical realists attribute the persistence of disagreement to ignorance and/or verbal misunderstanding’

Democratic debate can be angry and rude. Disagreement is inevitable, and sometimes intractable, where protagonists refuse to bend to any reasoning tha(...)

Journalist Paul Drury, who has died aged 57, appeared to be destined to edit Ireland’s largest daily newspaper. But when his mentor, Irish Independent(...)

Don’t be evil? ‘Corporations are particularly dangerous and worrisome sources of domination’

Time was we used to sing freedom songs against foreign governments and the “colonial yoke”. But today, across the western world, it is financial co(...)

Hillside grassland: nature owes us nothing but itself. Illustration: Michael Viney

Like most of the hilly west coast, our hillside is striped into small farms, each with its original Land Commission lottery of good and bad lan(...)

Climate change: ‘With near-future bias, we don’t care about catastrophes that might happen by the end of this century.’ Photograph: Paul J Richards/AFP/Getty Images

The new year is a boom time for the self-help industry. Books on how to improve everything from your brain power to your sex life rush off the shelves(...)

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