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One of the most important elements of a good bedtime routine is that sleep happens at the same time every night.

Night-time waking and severe asleep deprivation are unavoidable for new parents but for how long should that last and what can be done if it seems to (...)

Here to serve. Photograph: iStock

“Only in America . . . ” I used to scoff at news of some seemingly outrageous consumer trend on the other side of the Atlantic. Then, the older you ge(...)

Eoghan Murphy: sounded properly annoyed with O’Callaghan’s line of questioning. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

It’s hard to think of any RTÉ presenter as being a class warrior hell-bent on upending the social order. Joe Duffy gets agitated about the iniquities (...)

Stroll: Whether you mosey around your local area or tackle a designated route, a walk is a wonderful way to make use of the long summer evening

Households around the country will be on World Cup lockdown at 7pm tonight, as England takes on Croatia in the semi-finals. However for those who don’(...)

In 2006, when The Irish Times was moving from its old premises in D’Olier Street, legend has it that, in a cluttered room behind and beneath some desk(...)

In one Harvard study participants who read on light-emitting devices took longer to fall asleep, experienced less REM or dream sleep, and had higher alertness before bedtime than people who read regular books

“I’ve tried acupuncture, reflexology and reiki. I’ve taken herbal teas. I’ve put lavender in the bath. I’ve tried melatonin. I’m on magnesium at the m(...)

A file image of a woman using a laptop in bed. One-third of Irish people are getting less than six hours sleep a night, a new survey has revealed. File photograph: Getty Images

One-third of Irish people are getting less than six hours sleep a night, a new survey has revealed. The sleep survey, which was commissioned by Swedi(...)

“When children move into adolescence, their body clock changes. They naturally become more of a night owl, and so they find it harder to fall asleep and get up in the morning.” Photograph: Thinkstock

School started at 9am, and I was late almost every day. As a teenager I was in constant conflict with my parents over my refusal to go to sleep on ti(...)

There’s nothing like parenthood to give you an insight into why sleep deprivation is an effective method of torture: after a while you get to the poin(...)