Lucy Kellaway

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Survey after survey establish the same things: people over 50 find it harder to get job interviews and are more likely to be eased out of existing jobs. Photograph: iStock

In September 2018 Ian Tapping, a project manager at the British ministry of defence, called a meeting with HR. He had been in dispute with his employe(...)

Ambition is a positive thing: the secret is to stop it becoming corrosive, especially where you fall short of your goal. Photograph: Morgan Treacy/Inpho

Not long ago I had lunch with a friend who told me that his father, who had been a moderately well-known politician, had just died. How sad, I said. (...)

The Wall Street Journal newsroom in the 1980s. Photograph: Allan Tannenbaum/Getty Images

On my last day at the Financial Times in July 2017, the doorman who had greeted me every morning for the previous two decades enfolded me in a substan(...)

‘My best, healthiest worry is about tulips. I can’t change the colour scheme as they are already planted and it doesn’t matter a jot anyway. But that’s the beauty of it.’ Photographer: Dara Mac Donaill

As a new decade is about to begin, I find myself worrying about a lot of things. For a start, there are my year-11 economics students, who sit their G(...)

Gallup’s findings suggested that ‘having a best friend at work was a more powerful indicator of workplace outcomes than simply having a friend or even a good friend.’ Photograph: iStock

My best friend left the Financial Times a few weeks ago. She wanted to leave, and her departure, after a long notice period, was expected. But it came(...)

There was no Christmas slowdown in Lucy Kellaway’s school Photograph: iStock

Christmas is a time for journeys. There was the one Mary went on with her husband to Bethlehem a couple of thousand years ago. There was another jour(...)

Ted Hegarty, antiques auctioneer, Bandon, Co Cork

With interest rates for bank deposits at historic – and dismal – lows, many savers and investors are seeking alternative investments. Property, the st(...)

Arianna Huffington: last week David Bonderman interrupted Huffington, his fellow Uber director, to make a crass joke. He got his facts wrong.  There was nothing for it: the 74-year-old billionaire had to go. Photograph: Ruben Sprich/Reuters

Last week David Bonderman dropped the mother of all clangers. In the middle of a discussion about Uber’s sexist culture, he let slip a crass joke abou(...)

Paul Romer: ordered his staff to write more clearly, shut them up whenever they banged on interminably in presentations, and insisted all reports were short and lucid

The story was one of the saddest I have read in ages. The World Bank’s chief economist ordered his staff to write more clearly, shut them up whenever (...)

“Amy’s voice has an agreeably low timbre and is smooth as velvet.”

The Financial Times gave part of my job to a robot last week. For years I have been making podcast versions of my column, but now I am faced with sti(...)

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