Luca Boschin

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LogoGrab cofounders Alessandro Prest and Luca Boschin.

Artificial intelligence company LogoGrab is to establish a global headquarters in Dublin, supporting its planned global expansion. The Irish-based c(...)

Facebook is allowing users to clear data which has been linked to their account based on their activity on other websites and apps. Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

There are few – if any – industries that have been left completely untouched by the march of technology. The race to make things better, more effectiv(...)

LogoGrab’s adaptive learning engine is capable of scanning millions of images and videos, identifying what brands are being used and feeding that data back to companies.

Artificial intelligence company LogoGrab has unveiled a new ad-detection feature that can provide businesses with insights on what their competitors a(...)

LogoGrab chief executive Luca Boschin and chief technical officer Alessandro Prest: making instant brand image recognition possible

There are already too many digital marketing companies out there providing online brand presence analytics. But how many can boast the ability to meas(...)