Alan Flanagan (L) and Ben Kelly (R) speaking at the launch of the Vica campaign ahead of the emigration vote referendum. Photograph: Dave Meehan/ The Irish Times

This week I got to meet a group of enthusiastic Irish people who had come together to kick off their campaign for Yes in the emigrant vote referendum,(...)

Although retail jobs have long been a go-to for students, the explosion of social media has led to the creation of a new type of student job: the ‘Bra(...)

Thousands of prospective students who applied for third-level courses were able to check to see whether they secured their second choice this morning (...)

Third-level institutions host Fresher’s Week events to encourage students to meet and join societies. Photograph: iStock

And so it begins, the next part of your life – you’ve made it: college is almost here! Amidst all the excitement, relief and curiosity, it is natural (...)

Pádraig Schäler with family and friends  visited Cape Cod,   where he was injured as a cyclist five years ago, to raise awareness of road safety. Photograph: Courtesy Reinhard Schäler.

A young Irish cyclist in the US on a J1 visa suffered a catastrophic brain injury when he was involved in a serious road accident in Cape Cod five yea(...)

There are people who Trinity won’t forget: alumni who are raised as examples, from the politicians - Leo Varadkar, Lynn Ruane, Ivana Bacik- to the trail blazers, - first and second female presidents- to the iconic classics - Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett. Photograph: iStockphoto/Getty Images

The ‘right to be forgotten’, recognised by the European Union as the right of individuals to ask search engines to delete information about themselves(...)