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Under the judicial council system proposed for Ireland, every inquiry would be held in private, bar in exceptional circumstances. Photograph: iStockPhoto

The proposal to set up a judicial council comes following pressure from the Council of Europe, which has long called for an independent body with a co(...)

 King Hanvery VIII’s determination to marry Anne Boleyn and the Pope’s refusal to endorse the divorce which would have made it possible was more the occasion than the cause of the historic schism. Photograph: iStock

According to Cardinal Reginald Pole the English Reformation was result of Henry VIII’s “fleshy will” and “carnal concupiscence”. It is easy to under(...)

British secretary of state for exiting the European Union, David Davis, makes a statement to the House of Commons on the government’s Brexit plans. Photograph: AFP/Handout

Brexit legislation will be introduced “within days” to ensure that the government can stick to its timetable of triggering the process of leaving the (...)