The common  crane (Grus grus).  Their return is all the more remarkable because the particular midlands bog owned by Bord na Móna where they nested had been almost completely stripped of its original turf. Photograph: iStock

Bord na Móna’s announcement on August 2nd that common cranes (Grus grus) had bred on their land in May is exciting in itself. These large and dramatic(...)

Cranes in courting dance. Illustration: Michael Viney

Like a guilty, cultural echo, the word “crane” hangs on, at least in parts of the west, as an everyday word for the heron. How marvellous, at last, to(...)

In May, it emerged 23 common European buzzards  were   poisoned with carbofuran. Photograph:  Frank Miller

“Carbofuran has the unpleasant distinction of being so hazardous to wildlife, that it simply cannot be regulated or managed accordingly without mortal(...)

Illustration: Michael Viney

The rewilding of landscapes, now under way at a score of European locations, is intended to restore lost native wildlife to protected habitats. Models(...)