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The costs of providing services on 1800 numbers are due, in part, to high operator-to-operator charges.

New measures are to be introduced to cut the costs for businesses and charities offering 1800 numbers to users of their services. The measures have b(...)

‘Huge strides’ have been made in recent years by charities in increasing transparency, Liz Hughes, chief executive of the Charities Institute Ireland, said.

The Charities Regulator has said it is not satisfied with the practice of charities publishing abridged accounts. The comments come following the pub(...)

The newly elected moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ireland Reverend Ian McNie said the church would have his full support if it elects a woman moderator within the next few years. Photograph: PA

The newly elected moderator designate of the Presbyterian church in Ireland has said he feels “sorry” for Stephen Fry after he described God as utterl(...)

Rev Ian McNie: Next Presbyterian moderator

Reverend Ian McNie, minister of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Ballymoney, Co Antrim, will be the next moderator for Ireland’s 240,000 Presbyterians. (...)