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No laughing matter

If I told you there was a health problem that affects 60 million people in Europe, would you be able to guess what it is? Despite being disabling, dis(...)

Hang your art with these tips, and then stand back and admire your work. Photograph: Getty

If you’ve been promising to hang that stack of frames building up on the floor for months, put aside an afternoon and arm yourself with a measuring ta(...)

Ruth McGahey in her home in  Bective, Co Meath. Photograph: Tom Honan

“My good friend Róisín used to walk by this house on her way to work every day and when I mentioned we were thinking about packing in London life, she(...)

Instagram aesthetic: Alicja Puk injects a client at her clinic, in Blanchardstown in Dublin. Photograph: Alan Betson

The filtered, full-lipped look has exploded in global popularity, and the cosmetic procedures that create it have too. But a largely unregulated in(...)

Sarah Griffin of Harmonised Home, a professional organiser who will declutter and re-organise areas of your home

The whole Marie Kondo thing never held much weight with me. I mean how much joy can folded socks really spark? Saying that, since having kids and spen(...)

Jamie Heaslip with his Range Rover Sport PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle).

“I always have to check my car hasn’t been punked before I get into it,” says Irish rugby legend Jamie Heaslip, when we meet in Sandymount to tak(...)

Regular cleaning of your laptop is   a no brainer and is even more paramount if you’re not the only user.  Photograph: Getty

Just how dirty can a laptop be? Well according to researchers at the University of Arizona, they’re filthy and can harbour 400 times more bacteria tha(...)

Cleaning your machine is a fairly simple task. Photograph: Getty

I wasn’t aware that cleaning your washing machine was even a thing. However, after googling why there was a musty odour coming from our freshly-washed(...)

Trying to screw and push dodgy brackets back into the plasterboard just puts more pressure on the weakened plasterboard and the curtains end up on the floor. Photograph: Getty Images

According to carpenter and builder Rónán Hussey, one of the most common DIY jobs he’s called upon to fix is curtain rails which have fallen down or co(...)

The InSinkErator (above): With advancements in water efficiency, noise reduction and the macerating capabilities of newer waste-disposal models, combined with improvements in treatment facilities,  old arguments against  disposal units do not hold as much merit.

In America, waste (or garbage) disposal units connected to the sink are as common as microwaves in domestic kitchens, yet in Ireland they are still a (...)

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