Lisa Keogh

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Mount Wolseley Hotel Spa & Golf Resort, Co Carlow, which went to the market with a guide price of €14.25 million

A total of 18 hotels totalling almost €75 million between them were sold in the Republic during the first six months of 2017. Commercial property con(...)

 29 hotel sales totalling more €136 million concluded in the first half of 2016.  Photograph: Aidan Crawley

A total of 29 hotel properties, totalling more than €136 million between them were sold in Ireland during the first six months of 2016. Lisa Keogh at(...)

The five-star Adare Manor Hotel & Golf Resort in Co Limerick, which was acquired by JP McManus earlier this year for €31.5 million

A total of 54 hotels with a combined value of almost €650 million were sold during the first nine months of 2015, according to new figures released by(...)

Demand for hotels will undoubtedly be fuelled by the ending of the Capital Gains Tax waiver, due to be phased out in the budget

Confirmation of the healthy demand for hotel assets comes with the release of the latest research in the sector which shows 45 hotels (excluding hotel(...)