Niamh Towey at her desk in The Irish Times with homemade goat’s cheese and couscous salad

Hey meat, it’s me, Niamh. Look, I know we said this was just a break – but the thing is, I’ve met someone else. He’s called vegetables. When I starte(...)

‘Lunch, though, is where I really faltered.’ Photograph: iStock

Veganism is a cod. That’s what I’ve been saying to anyone who’s asked me how my first week is going. I’ve been whispering it to myself as I rock back (...)

Climate change protest. The earth has run out of the resources to maintain our kind of lifestyle so we’ll all have to make sacrifices.  Photograph: iStock

I’ve been to a few vegetarian restaurants. I’ve had vegetarians serve me meals that they promised would rock my culinary world. They didn’t. I’ve neve(...)

‘This picture is a blessing for me.’ Photograph: Linda McCartney/© Paul McCartney

“I always used to joke that I ruined Linda’s career,” Paul McCartney says, sitting on a sofa in his office in Soho, in central London, with a selectio(...)

A vegan quinoa burger. Photograph: iStock

When is a pulled pork burger not a burger? When it comes from Linda McCartney’s chilled foods range for one. These “pulled pork” burgers are largely m(...)

Matt Pritchard: “I’m currently getting a bit of abuse online because of the vegan thing. I’m not exactly friendly with our local farmers at the moment.”

What the cast of Dirty Sanchez – the British equivalent of the MTV stunt/prank show Jackass – have done in the name of good telly is barely fit to pri(...)

Cully & Sully,  which makes and sells chilled soups, was founded by Colum O’Sullivan and Cullen Allen, whose family run the Ballymaloe foods business.

Profits at the company behind the Cully & Sully foods business fell 17 per cent in its last financial year to €3.18 million as costs rose, the lat(...)

Former Team Sky rider Nicole Cooke has launched an attack on British Cycling and their handling of doping claims, as well as saying that sexism is embedded in the culture. Photo: Getty Images

Nicole Cooke has launched an excoriating attack on British Cycling, calling it sexist and unaccountable, and told MPs that she has no faith in the UK (...)

Where will you be Wednesday, October 16th at midnight? Actually, you may not have any choice in the matter, as we’ve already been told we will be trem(...)