Lil Yachty

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Big Boi: “This music is actually far ahead of its time, because we do so much wild s**t”

“Those are nice socks. Do you like colourful socks?” This is the first thing Big Boi says when we meet, eyeing up my (admittedly gorgeous) footwear. (...)

Drake may favour the playlist, but Atlanta master-blaster Michael Williams is still down with the idea of the mixtape. The second in the Ransom series(...)

The Chicago rapper’s family ties will bring many to Restoration of an American Idol, but Chance the Rapper’s younger brother is more than capable of m(...)

Impressive showing: Beyoncé, Chance the Rapper, Drake, Rihanna, Kanye West and Adele

The nominations for the 59th annual Grammy awards, which will be handed out on February 12th, had some expected outcomes – Beyoncé dominated, with Le(...)

Chance the Rapper’s new album continues hip-hop’s strong run. Chancelor Bennett’s releases to date such as Acid Rap and collaborations with Kany(...)