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Pro-Trump supporters storm the US Capitol following a rally with president Donald Trump on January 6th, in Washington, DC. Photograph: Samuel Corum/Getty Images

January 6th: Donald Trump, refusing to accept his defeat in the US presidential election, holds a rally outside the White House, urging his supporters(...)

Eurovision Song Contest: Italy’s winning song, Zitti E Buoni, performed by Måneskin, was chosen at Sanremo. Photograph: Robin Van Lonkhuijsen/EPA

Back in the glory years of the 1980s and 1990s, Ireland won the Eurovision Song Contest six times and finished in the top 10 on nine other occasions. (...)

The Late Debate: host Katie Hannon. Photograph: RTÉ

The people phoning into Liveline (RTÉ Radio 1, weekdays) sound hacked off, and no wonder. With faceless forces in foreign states disrupting plans and (...)

Eurovision 2021: the first part of Lesley Roy’s set made her look as if she was running through a paper forest. Photograph: Robin Van Lonkhuijsen/EPA

Lesley Roy, who represented Ireland in last night’s Eurovision semi-final, has criticised the staging of her song Maps, which failed to qualify for Sa(...)

Lesley Roy: ‘We were very mindful that this show is maybe just going to be for people at home. So we have built the majority of the song for people in their living rooms.’ Photograph: Luca Truffarelli

Backstage in Rotterdam, Lesley Roy flashes a smile wider than Marty Whelan’s moustache. “What’s great about Eurovision is that you can come and wear s(...)

Eurovision Song Contest 2021: Lesley Roy is representing Ireland again after the cancellation of last year’s event. Photograph: Ruth Medjber/ruthlessimagery.com

Lesley Roy is getting her second chance to represent Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest, after the coronavirus crisis forced the cancellation of l(...)

Artists are seen on screens during the Eurovision’s Europe Shine A Light remote television show. Photograph: AP

With the coronavirus pandemic persisting longer than even the typical Eurovision power ballad, the inevitable has come to pass. The song-and-dance ja(...)

Lesley roy

A year without Eurovision: a reprieve for some sceptics, to be sure, but unthinkable for the annual song competition’s millions of fans, and for its p(...)

Ireland was due to be represented by the singer-songwriter Lesley Roy

Eurovision 2020 has been cancelled as a result of the coronavirus threat. The European Broadcasting Union, which runs the song contest, said it had lo(...)

Singer-songwriter Lesley Roy has been chosen to represent Ireland in the 2020 Eurovision in the Netherlands.

Back in the days when English tennis player Tim Henman was the sport’s perpetual runner-up, British satirical magazine Private Eye ran a series of spo(...)

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