The planetary transit method works through observing the tiny, tell-tale dimming of starlight in a regular, repeating pattern, which can be explained by an exoplanet repeatedly orbiting in front of its host star

The first exoplanets – planets that lie beyond our solar system – were discovered in 1992. Since then 3,946 more have been identified. But how many of(...)

A computer animation provided by the European Space Agency show the  “Rosetta” during its approach to Earth. Image: C Careau/EPA

The fluorescent green zigzag on the screen in the control room at the European Space Agency (ESA) command centre in Darmstadt stopped at 11.19am yest(...)

At the National Digital Week launch were (from left) Norah Casey, publisher; Anne O’Leary, Vodafone Ireland; Louise Phelan, PayPal; and Dee Forbes, Discovery Networks Northern Europe

Ireland’s first-ever National Digital Week took place at the beginning of this month in the west Cork town of Skibbereen. The four-day event attracted(...)

Key speakers include Ingrid Vanderveldt of the US-based Empower A Billion Women 2020 organisation, who is also a former entrepreneur in residence at Dell, and a CNBC television host

West Cork might not seem the most obvious location for a festival focused on digital technology, but more than 2,000 entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, (...)

Taken from a camera onboard Rosetta’s Philae lander, about 16km from comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. Photograph: EPA

Dick Ahlstrom Science EditorThe Philae lander sitting on a comet 500 million kilometres away is streaming back pictures and vast amounts of data despi(...)