Lage Lund

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Emilie Conway will perform in the Ranelagh Arts Centre, Dublin, on Sunday

Saturday, December 2 Lage Lund & Peter Moc Group Bagots Hutton, Dublin 8pm €22/18 Norwegian-born guitarist Lage Lund is one of th(...)

Though a longtime New Yorker, composer Maria Schneider is still a midwesterner at heart. Her latest work for the celebrated ensemble that bears(...)

The trio is a setting where a guitarist can really show his mettle, and Norwegian Lage Lund has plenty to call upon. Berklee educated, a T(...)

Matt Brewer: Mythology
  • Music
  • November 14, 2014, 00:00

Over the past decade, bassist Matt Brewer has worked for some of the most forward- thinking leaders and composers on the New York scene, including (...)

German drummer Jochen Rueckert is one of the leaders of the musical immigré community that constitutes a substantial minority in the New York borou(...)

The Owl trio seems to have come about almost by accident. Producer Jimmy Katz found an abandoned church in Brooklyn and thought it would make a good r(...)