Kieran Hebden

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Caribou, aka songwriter and producer Dan Snaith. Photograph: Thomas Neukum

Dan Snaith’s music has brought him plenty of unexpected moments over the years, but soundtracking a gay kiss on one of TV’s biggest soaps is a new one(...)

My wife was talking to a mate in the corridor at work a week or so ago. “Our boy loves Blue Planet, it’s so funny. You know, even the scary bits? He (...)

There are only two tracks, albeit lengthy ones, on Kieran Hebden’s eighth album as Four Tet, but it’s quality, not quantity, that counts. Hebden ha(...)

Four Tet: Beautiful Rewind

Kieran Hebden continues to play footsie with the dancefloor and it’s a joy to behold. Rather than the experimental electronic spread of earlier years,(...)

Omar Souleyman: Wenu Wenu

There’s only one Omar Souleyman. In recent years the Syrian wedding singer has found audiences far from home for his hypnotic, mesmerising, thrilli(...)

I Am Breathing

It is customary when discussing documentaries on mortality to discover an optimistic message amid the misery. It is to the directors’ credit that they(...)