Kieran Flood

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Cut hedgerow near Shillelagh in Co Wicklow. File photograph: Frank Miller/The Irish Times

Plans to allow managed roadside hedge cutting during August have been scrapped in favour of protecting nature and biodiversity, the Department of Cult(...)

Cross Avenue on which Chesterfield House is located. Photograph: Google Street View

A “fatal” error that meant a developer failed to publish online a report about bats has resulted in a judge quashing planning permission for more than(...)

“If the dodo goes, maybe we’ll get a better-looking ostrich”: Ivan  Yates’s attitude comes across as indifferent rather than inquiring. Photograph: Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision

It’s been one of those harum-scarum, and we’re not just talking about the ghouls Halloween. Far scarier than any horror movie you may have watched is (...)