Kia Ceed

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Click and deliver rules mean click and drive right from your home, and it’s the way of the future. Photograph: iStock

1. It’s DEFINITELY the year to go electric As we move steadily towards the 2030 deadline for the end of new diesel and petrol engine sales, there’s a(...)

The new Golf is longer, wider and taller than before, which means a spacious cabin, but takes away a little from its sportier lines.

What we’re witnessing here is not just another VW Golf, but a momentous moment in motoring history. It’s the changing of the guard. For nearly five de(...)

The Kia Ceed is not only a hugely impressive five-door family hatch (and estate) it’s also spreading its wings outinto the sports estate and quasi-SUV(...)

That the Hyundai i30 and Kia Ceed are so closely aligned in our affections should come as no surprise - the two cars are pretty much identical under t(...)

There was a time when the arrival of a new Ford Focus was met with great fanfare. It was a firm favourite with Irish buyers, vying with the Volkswagen(...)