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Mr Waffle Cafe at Newcastle Road where Galway Community Cafe is based. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy.

The team is setting up for the second life of Mr Waffle café in Galway city. By day it’s a popular and well-known spot opposite University Hospital G(...)

Emma Brodbin and her baby girl Nadia with Community Mother Margaret Waters at Clonmel Community Resource Centre, Co Tipperary.

Readers might not expect to find the words “infant” and “mental health” in the same sentence, but babies can show signs of depression within weeks of (...)

Scanning the brain: the good news is that while brains can be deformed by adverse childhood experiences, it is also possible to effect repairs, to alter their physical structure.

I am lying here on a slab in the Beacon Hospital about to meet my maker. Oh, I don’t mean I’m going to die – it is much more significant than that: I(...)

For the child to develop properly, the relationship with the primary carer is important. Photograph: Thinkstock

We all know the early experience of infants and toddlers matters. My mother often says, “Sure he hadn’t a great start” when talking about someone who (...)