People waiting in line to receive their Covid-19 vaccination at the HSE vaccination centre in the Aviva Stadium, Dublin. Photograph: Alan Betson

The next wave of Covid will be different. When cases soared in spring and winter last year, lockdowns brought them back under control. This time it w(...)

UK health secretary Matt Hancock during a media during a media briefing on Monday. Photograph: Hannah McKay/PA Wire

The number of deaths in the UK accelerated at the beginning of January as the effects of December’s wave of coronavirus cases raised mortality to leve(...)

Many of the side-effects attributed to statins could be down to the “nocebo effect”, which occurs when someone expects to experience negative symptoms(...)

A study published online by the ‘British Medical Journal’ looking at the health of people living near Heathrow airport found those with the highest exposure were 10-20 per cent more likely to be admitted to hospital for stroke, heart disease and cardiovascular illness. Photograph: Steve Parsons/PA

People who live close to an airport and are exposed to constant loud noise may face an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, according to research(...)