RTÉ Investigates revealed  serious over-crowding in buildings

Dublin City Council needs 100 more health inspectors to deal with the overcrowding issue in rental properties, its deputy chief executive has said. B(...)

The full scale of the Grenfell Tower tragedy has yet to emerge. The number of fatalities will rise over coming days and it will be impossible to ident(...)

Thirty people have been confirmed dead and dozens still missing after the 24-storey residential Grenfell Tower block in London was engulfed in flames in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Photograph: Carl Court/Getty Images

The terrible tragedy which has occurred in London is a stark reminder of what can go wrong in older or badly designed and constructed buildings. The q(...)

 The regulations will end the system of self-certification, which resulted in schemes such as Priory Hall being certified as safe. Photograph: Alan Betson

Local authorities need to take greater responsibility for ensuring new homes have been properly built, property industry bodies have said in advanc(...)

Since January this year, all advertisements for homes for sale, or indeed rent, have been required to display the rating. With ratings from A1 to G in(...)