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Jarlath Regan: I’ve introduced my 10-year-old son to music, and the amount of extra family time during the past year has been a revelation

The pandemic has been a huge challenge for me, as stand-up comedy disappeared. But I know that there are people in worse situations. I was lucky to ha(...)

St Andrews University in Scotland predates the introduction of apostrophes into English (via French) in the 16th century.  Photograph: Getty Images

If you’re a golfer or a grammar enthusiast or – God forbid – both, you may have noticed over the years that the town of St Andrews in Scotland does no(...)

Actor Christopher Eccleston has written a deeply personal book about his life and career. File photograph: BBC Pictures

I Love the Bones of You: My Father and the Making of Me by Christopher Eccleston Simon & Schuster, £20 Christopher Eccleston is well known for hi(...)

Ardal O'Hanlon. Photograph: Alan Betson

Ardal O’Hanlon meets me in the cafe at the National Library of Ireland, next door to his father’s old workplace, Dáil Éireann. He’s neat and trim, dre(...)

Herald Angel winners: Rory Nolan, Garrett Lombard, Marty Rea and Aaron Monaghan in Druid’s production of Waiting for Godot. Photograph: Matthew Thompson

Irish productions have won awards and excellent reviews at the month-long Edinburgh International Festival and Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which have j(...)

The Chorus of Dissent and the Elastic Band

We’re almost afraid to say it out loud, for fear of putting a hex on it, but it looks like the weather could be good for this May bank holiday weekend(...)

Yannis Varoufakis: ‘You [Irish] are such a weird and wonderful people.’ File image: EPA/Marta Perez

Is President Trump going to be allowed to fire nukes and end the world? No, according to former presidential adviser and apparent deep-state operative(...)

“I can’t believe there isn’t somebody playing it somewhere,” says James, to which the narrator responds: “I can assure you that we’re quite alone.” Photograph: Neil Godwin/T3 Magazine via Getty Images

Magnus Mills’s excellent novel The Restraint of Beasts achieved its comic effect through a deadpan tone that, with its sustained pitch, exercised a gr(...)

Kevin Gildea: Where else do you think all the great ideas of Irish society came from? Each came over a particular drink in a pub in the 80s and 90s.  Photograph: Eric Luke

In the 1980s and 1990s in Dublin all great ideas came from the pub. Most of these great ideas involved going to another pub to get more drink, which l(...)

Tom and Aisling Brennan in the Amococo, a luminarium, at Spraoi, in Waterford

We’re into week one of school holidays for all. Anybody bored yet? Overscheduling is a curse of modern childhood, so, when the whirl stops, it take(...)

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