The family of the late Andrew Dolan from Carrick-on-Shannon  feature in a video promoting an anti-violence campaign  made by teenagers in Leitrim.

A senior Garda told two grieving families on Friday that their support for an anti-violence campaign could result in “somebody else’s child getting ho(...)

The funeral of Andrew Dolan in Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim, in January 2012. Photograph: Brian Farrell

Rosie Dolan says it still breaks her heart to think of her son Andrew pleading with his attackers: “Please don’t hit me.” “Imagine him saying ‘please(...)

Don’t let Cyber Monday be a retailers’ fun day. Photograph: iStock

It doesn’t take much to make something “traditional” in the 21st century. Last Friday we all “celebrated” the tradition of Black Friday (although, con(...)

‘To coincide with Bloom Festival in Dublin’s Phoenix Park gardaí have suggested people engage in so-called “defensive planting”. Photograph: Getty Images

Gardaí are advising people to plant prickly bushes in their front gardens to deter would-be burglars during the summer. Members of the public have al(...)

Sgt Kevin Courtney Garda Bureau of Community Engagement Unit said customers should be careful while shopping.

Christmas shoppers have been advised to take care of their belongings this year as figures show €400,000 worth of goods were stolen from retail car pa(...)

In 29 per of cases criminals broke in through the front door. They also gained access via back doors in 29 per cent of cases, back windows in 24 per cent and front windows in eight per cent of all break-ins. Photograph: iStock

Burglars search social media for opportunities to plan crimes and householders need to be especially wary coming up to Christmas, the Garda has said. (...)

Almost € 3 million worth of mobile phones were stolen over the last 14 months according to newly released figures. Photograph: Reuters

Almost € 3 million worth of mobile phones were stolen over the last 14 months according to newly released figures. Gardaí have received reports of ov(...)

Some €27.6 million worth of goods was stolen during residential burglaries in 2014 and cash or jewellery accounted for 41 per cent of this.

The chances of a break-in are greatly reduced if it takes a burglar more than three minutes to gain entry to your home, Sgt Kelvin Courtney of the Nat(...)

Almost €15 million was stolen from Irish homes by burglars in the second half of last year with most criminals gaining access to homes through (...)