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Augmented reality app: In a recent report, research firm Digi-Capital noted that, while virtual reality has tended to hog the headlines, mobile augmented reality is rapidly overtaking it in popularity and is likely to be the main driver of a combined market that is expected be worth up to $150 billion by 2020

A “disruption tsunami” is heading our way with augmented reality likely to become increasingly commonplace over the next few years in a move that will(...)

Volvo cars’ Microsoft HoloLens experience

There is a scene in the iconic Tom Cruise film Minority Report where his character navigates a holographic interface using special three-fingered glov(...)

John McGuire, founder of Active Mind Technology and creator of Game Golf, pictured at the company’s offices on Geary Street. Photograph: Charlie Taylor

Silicon Valley might seem like an obvious destination for any start-up with big ambitions. But making a go of it there is as difficult as anywhere els(...)

Google Glass may be on the back-burner - temporarily - but  augmented reality technology remains a ‘watch this space’ industry. Photograph: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

Google may have pulled the plug on Google Glass sales for now, but the augmented reality glass is still half full, say the organisers of the Augmented(...)