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Gwilym Simcock in his home studio in Berlin with his Steinway Model B. Photograph: Gregor Hohenberg

Gwilym Simcock recorded his latest album, the marvellous Near and Now, at home in his apartment in Berlin on his 120-year-old Steinway. It’s the sound(...)

Nicolas Roeg: formulated a singular film language – contorted narrative, awry angles, jarring edits – which  influenced many. Photograph: Ian West/PA

“I think I scratched surfaces that people would prefer were left alone,” Nicolas Roeg told The Irish Times a decade ago. “But all any of us has is thi(...)

Since his emergence as a leader 10 years ago with the excellent Invisible Cinema, Seattle-born pianist Aaron Parks has been a moving target, recording(...)

Donny McCaslin
The best jazz gigs to see this week
  • Music
  • October 20, 2017, 05:00

Saturday 21st Zrazy. Baggots Hutton, Dublin, 8.30pm, €12, –Jazzy-pop (or is that poppy-jazz?) duo Zrazy - singer/flautist Maria Wal(...)

Jazz pianist Keith Jarrett: His overture to a recent concert at Carnegie Hall in New York was a speech castigating US president Donald Trump but how many minds did he change? Photograph: Henry Leutwyler

Last month I went to see the pianist Keith Jarrett at Carnegie Hall, in New York. As a paid-up member of the Jarrett cult I can attest that his solo c(...)

Any new recording of Keith Jarrett’s utterly unique solo playing is worthy of close attention, but the fact that the revered pianist was succumbing t(...)

Now here’s a crossroads that’s not so crowded, but still bustling with intriguing possibilities. This is a place where Irish traditional, jaz(...)

I’m not sure we learn anything from the arts – except that we need them more than ever. They are a way of knowing unlike all the others, a knowing th(...)

Manfred Eicher: one of the most influential figures in contemporary jazz

Manfred Eicher is leaning over a mixing desk, lost in concentration. Dressed in his trademark grey, white shoulder-length hair hanging down ov(...)

Keith Jarrett: the once austere and taciturn figure traded gentle jokes with his audience between pieces at the National Concert Hall.

En route to the scientific meeting of the Gerontological Society of America, I will be sorry to miss the sold-out Keith Jarrett concert tonight. The l(...)

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