Keith Enright

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Google’s chief privacy officer Keith Enright addresses the IIEA in Dublin on Thursday. Photograph: Lorcan Mullally/IIEA

Fines levied on multinationals and other organisations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are likely to end up before Europe’s highes(...)

Facebook privacy officer Erin Egan said international regulatory discussions did not give enough credit to the US. PhotographIllustration: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Privacy executives from Google, Microsoft and Facebook say that privacy protections in the US are stronger than assumed by Europeans. However, they do(...)

A Google employee demonstrates  Google Glass. Photograph: Angel Navarrete/Bloomberg

After sitting through days of presentations, discussion panels and keynotes last week at the world’s largest security industry gathering, I cam(...)

German chancellor Angela Merkel wants to have European data managed within Europe, by European firms subject to more stringent EU data protections. Photograph: Adam Berry/Getty Images

Organisations are grappling with how to address concerns about privacy in the wake of dat(...)