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Daniel Mackey and Peter Coppinger of Teamwork.com, last year’s winners of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. Photograph: Dave Meehan

Monday Results: Analog Devices, Campbell Soup. Indicators: US housing market index (Nov). Meetings: Dublin Chamber Future of Cruise Tourism in (...)

AIB whistleblower Eugene McErlean, who exposed overcharging. Photograph: Eric Luke

Throughout his career as an elected politician, Pat Rabbitte’s greatest flaw was that he always seemed terribly pleased at how he had turned out. Th(...)

The change to the 2014 Act means  people disclosing information about misconduct, wrongdoing or illegal activity risk incurring criminal sanctions, fines and even prison time. Photograph: iStock

Robust whistleblowing protection laws save businesses money. And they help keep us safe. Until recently, Ireland had one of the strongest whitleblowin(...)

“Opting out of providing robust whistleblowing systems is no longer an option. Many organisations still have no such systems. Those that do frequently report that they are not effective.”

Whistleblowing is seldom out of the news these days, with scandals in some of Ireland’s most well-known organisations. Whistleblowing is not just a ne(...)