Andy Woodward waived his right to anonymity to tell the Guardian that he had been a victim of sexual abuse.

Britain’s biggest police force has received 106 separate allegations of historical sexual abuse at clubs in London. The Metropolitan police said the (...)

English FA chief executive Martin Glenn (left) promised to punish any club covering up sexual abuse, regardless of size. Photograph: Niklas Halle’n/AFP/Getty

British police have been flooded with victims alleging they were abused as children in football and say they are investigating attacks on 350 people,(...)

Barry Bennell, the convicted paedophile at the centre of the scandal. Photograph: PA Wire

Leeds United and Blackpool are the latest football clubs to be engulfed by allegations of child sexual abuse within the sport, according to the chief(...)

Sport England was wrong to refuse to recognise bridge as a sport because it did not involve “physical activity”, the High Court in London has heard. T(...)