Kate Dempsey

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Equinome co-founder Prof Emmeline Hillleads the research-and-development team in Plusvital. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Ireland has been attempting to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship, with mixed success to date. There have been several major breakthroughs over t(...)

Kate and Denis Dempsey: Their Kinsale Mead Co is producing two varieties of the beverage – a white and a red, both with a 12% alcohol content.

Kate and Denis Dempsey aren’t quite turning water into wine, but they are transforming honey, water and yeast into mead, the world’s oldest alcoholic (...)

Kate Dempsey, whose debut collection is launched this evening: “The collection has been a long time in the writing. The oldest poem I wrote maybe 15 years ago, my first published poem. It was in the same issue of Poetry Ireland Review as a poem by Seamus Heaney. What a thrill. It’s about changing the toilet roll, among other things, and it has been used as an example in creative writing workshops that you can write a poem about any subject!”

The title of my debut poetry collection, The Space Between, is taken from a line of my poem, Reaching Agreement. Your lips move but I’m hearing(...)