Hallelujah! In the fight for gender equality, Hollywood has finally advanced to the position it occupied in 1958. For the first time since then, the t(...)

 Charles Manson sticks his tongue out at photographers in June 1970 as he appears in a Santa Monica, California courtroom, charged with the slaying of musician Gary Hinman. Photograph: AP

Charles Manson, who died on Sunday at 83, has loomed large in American culture ever since a brutal killing spree by his gang of followers, called the(...)

Bette Davis in  ‘All About Eve’

It’s hard to know what the word “cult hit” means any more. By the time such a thing gets written about in newspapers it is invariably too popular to w(...)

The McElroy brothers host the weekly podcast, My Brother, My Brother and Me, wherein they answer the problems of their listeners, and deep-dive Yahoo Answers for the often frankly insane questions posed by the good folks of the internet.

You Must Remember This Episode 39: Star Wars Episode XIII: Walt Disney Karina Longworth’s in-depth study of the secrets of old Hollywood h(...)

You Must Remember This is a well-crafted and deeply researched podcast focusing on neglected or little-known stories from Hollywood’s golden age. Host(...)