The move eliminates the risk that users will go over the fair usage cap, which was set at 80GB, and potentially incur additional charges for 4G data use. Image: iStock

Virgin Media Ireland said it would remove the cap on data usage for its “unlimited for life” mobile customers from next month. The move eliminates t(...)

it’s not the end of the world if you live in rural Ireland or another area where you can’t avail of better  connections and speeds. There is always the option of mobile broadband

A broadband internet connection is an absolute essential for home working. You can get away with a lot of other things, but if you can’t connect back (...)

Paul Farrell and Karen Faughnan of Virgin Media Ireland with one of the new Google smart home packages

Virgin Media has linked up with Google to offer its broadband customers a smart home package. The company is hoping to tap into the growing trend for(...)