Karan Sonpar

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People can learn to become better leaders. Photograph: iStock

The Covid-19 induced global crisis has served to highlight the importance of good leadership at the same time as putting a spotlight on the shortcomin(...)

Best practice for management is to respect boundaries, not least because many people are juggling caring responsibilities with working from home.

“The last six months have been like playing a game of chess where all the pieces can move in any direction, even the pawns,” says one middle manager i(...)

 Donald Trump’s well-executed “Fifteen States Strategy” helped him win the United States presidential election. Photograph: Yuri Gripas/Reuters

In his book Tough Calls, businessman Allan Leighton recalls the early stages of his tenure as chairman of the UK’s Royal Mail, which at the time was l(...)

“We take people out of their comfort zones and make team players out of them,” says  Prof Karan Sonpar

An MBA can assist with career advancement, prepare people for entire new careers, and expose them to the experiences and expertise of an international(...)