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Missiles are launched targeting an Islamic State group in eastern Syria. Handout photo provided by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard website via Sepah News

Iran has fired missiles at militants in Syria it blamed for an attack in south west Iran on September 22nd, the Revolutionary Guards said on Monday, i(...)

 Suspected members of Islamic State at a security screening centre in Kirkuk, Iraq, last October. Photograph: Ivor Prickett/The New York Times

Islamic State is regrouping in Syria despite being driven from its strongholds as the jihadi force exploits rivalries between its foes in an attempt t(...)

Boubaker el-Hakim is among the prime suspects believed to have been involved in planning the 2015 attack on Charlie Hebdo in which 17 people were killed. Photograph: Courtesy SFR News

An Islamic State militant linked to the deadly 2015 attack on French weekly Charlie Hebdo could be still be alive, the Iraqi military said on Saturday(...)

Members of the Iraqi security forces celebrate near the bodies of militants from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (Isis), who were killed during clashes with the security forces, on the outskirts of the city of Samarra. Photograph: Reuters

Iraqi government forces backed by helicopter gunships have begun an offensive to retake the northern city of Tikrit from Sunni Islamist militants whi(...)