Former chairman Leslie Buckley, who stepped down in March 2018, previously claimed the breach was a cost-cutting exercise called Operation Quantum. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

The alleged data breach at Independent News & Media, in which thousands of emails from journalists, senior staff and advisers were accessed, was n(...)

John Alex Kane arrives at the Four Courts in Dublin on Wednesday. Photograph: Collins Courts

A car dealer alleged to be giving the Revenue the “runaround” in its efforts to recover a €4.95 million judgment obtained 10 years ago has been warned(...)

It has taken the President of the High Court, Mr Justice Peter Kelly, to highlight our “defective” procedures for recruiting doctors over recent years.

There are so many things about the rules that govern the recruitment of doctors and medical staff in the State that are dysfunctional that it is diffi(...)

John Alex Kane pictured arriving at the Four Courts on Wednesday. The judge adjourned to next week an application to jail him for alleged contempt of court orders. Photograph: Collins Courts

A farmer has been jailed until next week pending a final decision by the president of the High Court on what sanction should be applied for contempt o(...)

Mr Justice Peter Kelly said the vulnerable 18-year-old has told him in a letter she will need supports to help her into the future. Photograph:  Collins Courts.

A young woman at the centre of a “horror story” of alleged sexual abuse by more than 12 males before she was taken into care aged 10 has told the pres(...)

Mr Justice Peter Kelly said he hoped the young man’s progress will ‘give hope’ to all those dealing with the eating disorder.

A young man whose chronic anorexia led to his parents being told two years ago to prepare for his death has made a “remarkable” recovery, the presiden(...)

If the marriage proceeds, it is likely to be invalid and to be followed by proceedings to have it declared null and void, the high court heard.

A charity has got a High Court order prohibiting an intellectual disabled man going ahead with a long-planned civil marriage to an intellectually disa(...)

A vulnerable woman aged in her 60s with schizophrenia who wants to return home to live remains unaware her home has been sold by court order, the High Court has heard. File photograph: Brien O’Brien/The Irish Times

A vulnerable woman aged in her 60s with schizophrenia who wants to return home to live remains unaware her home has been sold by court order, the High(...)

Ms Justice Mary Finlay Geoghegan pictured in the Four Courts on her last day as a Supreme Court  judge. Photograph: Collins Courts

A Supreme Court judge has warned there is a “real risk” the courts will be unable to administer justice in line with the Constitution and European Con(...)

An elderly  woman  was recently removed from her home and taken to a hospital for physical and psychiatric assessment after being found living in abject squalor. File photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times.

An elderly woman lived in “abject squalor” in her home for almost two years without light, heat and adequate nutrition when €164,000 was lodged in cou(...)

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