Prof Anthony Staines, professor in health systems at Dublin City University is one member of the group calling for the adaption of a zero Covid policy.

It is not necessary to seal Ireland off from the rest of the world to achieve zero Covid, a campaign group seeking to eliminate the virus from the isl(...)

The number of inpatient beds fell from 16,629 to 12,383 while the State’s population grew from 3.4 to 4.7 million. This represents a fall of almost 50 per cent in bed capacity relative to population. Photograph: iStock

A substantial shift towards privatised medicine is revealed in the first study to enumerate the number of private hospital beds in Ireland. Over the (...)

Before 2009 primary care centres were delivered by traditional public procurement, but since then private delivery methods have been prioritised. Photograph: Getty Images

The delivery of healthcare in the community through the creation of a network of primary care centres is increasingly dominated by the private sector,(...)

Patrick Honohan, outgoing governor of the Central Bank. Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

The rate of economic growth is being exaggerated and may be leading to overconfidence in planning for the future, the outgoing Central Bank governo(...)

The cuts have been uneven, varying hugely between Tullamore and Galway. Photograph: Getty Images

There is a saying that a nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest and most vulnerable members. This reflects poorly on our governme(...)

UCD academic Dr Julien Mercille who spoke at the Oireachtas banking inquiry

The Irish media has not changed in its tendency to cover the interests of the country’s elites, even in the midst of a recovering property market, th(...)

Julien Mercille, lecturer at UCD and author of The Political Economy and Media Coverage of the European Economic Crisis: the case of Ireland, told the Oireachtas Banking Inquiry journalists acted as ‘cheerleaders’.

Property porn in the media during the boom years helped push a social appetite for moving up the ladder, the Oireachtas banking inquiry has heard. Dub(...)