Radie Peat: I like the humour of people in Belfast – it’s a little meaner than in Dublin, in a good way
Radie Peat: On My Culture Radar

Restaurant  There’s an upscale Italian on Crow Street in Dublin called Rosa Madre. I used to live in Italy and I really miss the food, so anythin(...)

All-seeing, aye: Julian Barrett as Richard Thorncroft, aka Mindhorn, in Mindhorn

How odd to see a film shot in the Isle of Man that is actually set on that windy island. Long a movie stand-in for any nation with a shoreline, the cr(...)

Julian Barratt on his role in Mindhorn: “He’s a vain, pompous chap. But you can’t dwell on that too much, because it’s not funny”

Having leafed through Julian Barratt’s various encounters with ladies and gentlemen of the press, I’m half-expecting the comedian, musician and actor (...)

A sign featuring Tony the Tiger and a Keebler Elf. File photograph: Scott Olson/Getty Images

I find it problematic that animated characters are used to target children in the ad campaigns of sugary breakfast cereals, especially because I know (...)

In the old days we circled our favourite shows in newspaper television listings (ask your grandparents about these) and made ourselves available by(...)

As Ben Wheatley’s radical Cromwellian drama opens, two front line deserters (Peter Fernando and Julian Barratt) form an unlikely alliance with a lace-(...)

Reece Shearsmith in A Field in England
A Field in England

Enthusiasts for the great British tradition of folk horror may – troubled by agitations in their yellow humour – require a dose of physick after full (...)