As long as the car is part of the BMW PHEV range and is using the BMW Operating System 7 software it will automatically switch to all-electric power when it enters an eDrive Zone

BMW Ireland is rolling out its geofencing “eDrive Zones” technology for its fleet of plugin-hybrid cars, starting with areas of Dublin and Limerick. (...)

A study by Transport and Environment think-tank shows on-road emissions from plug-in hybrids 'are on average 2-4 times higher than their official CO2 values'. File photograph: iStock

For everyone thinking that cars are now all electric (or at least hybrid), I have some news for you. Well, some statistics – to be more accurate. Even(...)

The Irish Car Carbon Reduction Alliance (ICCRA) has carried out a survey of 1,000 car buyers, and says that 82 per cent don’t think that the Government’s plans for a combustion engine ban is achievable.

A group which represents Irish car dealers has said that confusion over Government plans to a petrol and diesel car sale ban in 2030 is holding back a(...)

Volkswagen has kicked off the building of batteries at what will become its own ‘Gigafactory’ for electric vehicle (EV) power sources in the next five years

Production of electric cars in Europe is stalling due to a lack of battery supply. Meanwhile, and not entirely unrelated, it looks as if the majority (...)

Each carmaker faces its own CO2 target, based on the weight of its vehicles. A business selling smaller cars such as Peugeot owner PSA therefore has a lower CO2 target than a company with a heavier average vehicle, such as Mercedes owner Daimler. Photograph: Keystone via AP

When Blas Arambilet tried to buy an electric car in April, something strange happened. Months after ordering a white Kia e-Niro from his local Barcelo(...)

The cars identified in the report are strong-selling models, accounting for more than 5,000 new car sales so far this year. Photograph: Getty

Several popular new diesel cars could end up being more affordable after the budget if the Government’s Tax Strategy Group proposals are adopted, acco(...)

The EU Parliament’s environment committee has approved a proposal to enforce targets that would see, by 2025, car makers compelled to have 20 per cent of sales made up of full-electric vehicles

The EU could be on the verge of introducing tough new targets for the sales of electric cars, in the wake of findings that car makers are already chea(...)

Greenpeace members protest against diesel emissions. According to T&E, if one takes a measurement of a car’s whole-life carbon dioxide emissions, as opposed to merely localised exhaust pipe emissions, diesel cars actually cause the emission of more CO2 than an equivalent petrol car.

Much of the talk at last week’s Frankfurt motor show was about diesel, and how it’s still a critical fuel source for the future of motoring. In spite (...)

An agreement to toughen up EU legislation and regulations surrounding vehicle emissions, designed to ensure that another ‘dieselgate’ scandal can never re-occur, is being held up by the German government, which wants more time to agree a compromise proposal

An agreement to toughen up EU legislation and regulations surrounding vehicle emissions, designed to ensure that another ‘dieselgate’ scandal can neve(...)

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) alerts driver to low tyre pressure in a specific tyre

Europe’s car makers are coming under fire once again for wriggling around the edges of legislation, but this time it’s on safety grounds, not environm(...)