Seasonal workers heading to Germany wait outside Cluj airport, Romania. Photograph. Photograph: Raul Stef/Inquam Photos via Reuters

Germany has launched special flights to bring in tens of thousands of seasonal workers from eastern Europe amid fears that travel restrictions imposed(...)

Beech trees suffering from drought stress in a forest in Warburg, western Germany.  Photograph: Ina Fassbender/AFP/Getty Images

You can tell a lot about a country and culture by how its language is taught. Back in university I remember the French students returning from classes(...)

Dried sunflowers are pictured in a field in eastern Germany. Photograph: Tobias Schwarz/AFP/Getty Images

After months of drought, temperatures reached 36 degrees in Germany on Tuesday, prompting farmers to demand €1 billion in emergency state aid to cover(...)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends a campaign event for the Baden-Wuerttemberg CDU in Nuertingen, on Tuesday, framed by an image of CDU frontrunner Guido Wolf. Photograph: Marijan Murat/EPA

When Angela Merkel arrived at a Stuttgart election rally on Tuesday evening, she had hoped to have in her handbag a package of measures to ease the mi(...)