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Keelin Shanley in Harold’s Cross playground with her daughter Lucy

Keelin Shanley: Faraway, Still Close (RTÉ One, Monday, 9.35pm) is heartbreaking to watch. The RTÉ journalist and Six One presenter died on February 8t(...)

Some of the young stars of Our Town: ‘You’ve got working-class Bray. You’ve got middle-class Bray... It’s in the shadow of Dublin, so it has this identity thing.’ Photograph: Arthur Janowsky

For Our Town, a documentary series about the lives of a diverse bunch of young people in the seaside town of Bray, Co Wicklow, director-producer Adria(...)

The crew of the LÉ Samuel Beckett, as featured in The Crossing

Faced with an eerie image that becomes dreadfully familiar during RTÉ’s uncommonly powerful documentary on Ireland’s humanitarian response to the migr(...)

Downton Abbey joins the revolution: the stars of War and Peace

Who knew Tolstoy could be such a romp? The ostentatiously opulent War and Peace (BBC One, Sunday) is a big, bold and beautiful adaptation of the epic (...)

Having seen tens of thousands of prisoners pass through his hands during his time as governor of Dublin’s Mountjoy Prison, John Lonergan has no(...)