A bumblebee buzzes around in the warmth of the polytunnel, concentrating on a bed of overwintered broad beans.

At the first chill breaths from the Arctic, a solitary bumblebee was buzzing around in the warmth of the polytunnel, disdaining all escape through the(...)

Badger and hedgehog. Photograph: David Rice, Co Clare

Among behavioural insights during the first year of Covid was new evidence for biophilia – an innately emotional human bond with the rest of the natur(...)

A fox by Aga Grandowicz, one of the many stunning illustrations in Dr Hibernica Finch’s Compelling Compendium of Irish Animals (Little Island, €25)

As the trees begin to shed their leaves, there is no better way to chart the changing seasons than with a beautiful book. In Juanita Browne’s The Grea(...)

Decline of the bumblebee

There was a horrible inevitability about the latest figures on Irish bumblebee populations; confirming numbers on the island of Ireland are at their l(...)

A bumblebee feeds on nectar: To address declines in pollinating insects, an All-Ireland Pollinator Plan was launched in 2015.  Photograph: Jane Powers

Irish bumblebee populations recorded in 2017 were at the lowest since monitoring began six years ago, with marked losses in critical native species, a(...)

This book is aimed at children, and is written in a conversational style, but it serves as a thorough introduction for adults too. All of us are fa(...)

Curlews: down to the last 98 breeding pairs. Illustration: Michael Viney

Exploring, once, the origins of the EU’s ecological shopping list for the habitats directive, I came upon a memoir by someone who took part in mara(...)