Joshua Cohen

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Dublin Dance Festival, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s Rosas Danst Rosas, Photograph:  Anne Van Aerschot

Dreaming in Blue Until February 14th Harry Clarke’s dreamy The Eve of Saint Agnes is at the Hugh Lane in Dublin, but you can see his wonderful waterco(...)

Joshua Cohen: “I am a partisan of the parochial.” Photograph: Danny Ghitis/The New York Times

Listening to Joshua Cohen, you quickly begin to see how the 37-year-old has managed to publish half a dozen novels and a few collections of stories – (...)

Apple likes to compare the 11 lithographs that make up Picasso’s 
‘The Bull
’ to the way it builds its smartphones and other devices

Apple may well be the only tech company on the planet that would dare compare itself to Picasso. In a class at the company’s internal training program(...)