Sharon Carty has the ability to cross from mainstream opera to period performance.

Sunday, April 28th Sharon Carty, Siobhán Armstrong Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin Mezzo-soprano Sharon Carty is one of those Irish singers wh(...)

It was Schumann’s idea that he, Brahms and Albert Dietrich should collaborate on violin sonata for the great violinist Joseph Joachim. The result r(...)

Horror films have always thrived on scenes featuring everyday objects moving in ways that simply shouldn’t be possible. The table raises itself off(...)

‘Kirkos’s playing was rather rough- edged, the ensemble not yet bedded in, the colours not quite true.’ Photograph: Tara Thomas

It’s turning out to be a good month for musical exploration. Last week I wrote about Kurtág’s Ghosts, in which Italian pianist Marino Formenti took(...)

There’s just one real violin concerto here: the one written for Joseph Joachim, which that great violinist protectively secreted away, believing th(...)

These Wigmore Hall performan- ces of Schumann’s three violin sonatas, recorded in 2010 and 2011, are extremely well turned. That (...)