Multiple groups have sprung up online to support people experiencing unusually long recovery from ‘mild’ or ‘moderate’ Covid-19 and many of their members report being continually dismissed by health professionals. Photograph: iStock

On St Patrick’s Day 2020, after a weekend on call, Linn Järte, an outdoorsy, 33-year-old doctor, developed flu-like symptoms. After two weeks in bed s(...)

Having access to a dedicated stroke unit has been shown to significantly reduce disability and to improve long -term prognosis. Photograph: Matthew  Lloyd/Bloomberg

The warning from the head of the national stroke programme is stark: inertia and resistance to change within the Health Service Executive (HSE) is lea(...)

Stroke is the third biggest killer of Irish people after heart disease and cancer, and the single biggest cause of severe physical disability. File photograph: iStockPhoto

Widespread inertia in the health service is leaving Ireland unprepared to cope with a huge increase in the number of stroke patients over the next dec(...)